• vanky Ivanky Saputra. Good intro of the axiom of choice RT @republicofmath: can’t live without it, can’t live with it http://wp.me/p1mk0j-1fa
  • bivey Bill Ivey.  #iknowateacher who leads his kids and math (and other) teachers around the world to deep understandings. @republicofmath
  • marcelamomberg #FF @republicofmath si desean aprender matematicas de manera lúdica, creativa y absolutamente entendible , este es el maestro !! [if you want to learn math in a fun, creative and quite understandable, this is the master!]
  • Tiomaidh Why the heck don’t they teach interesting, non-plug-and-chug stuff like this (The curious case of the number 3435) in high school math? Every month, I get a little more resolute in my belief that the standard HS math curriculum needs to include a semester or two on number theory, at least for the honors track. If they’re short on time, they could teach geometry in a semester (as my school did), and/or teach Algebra II + Pre-Calc in two semesters.
  • daanvberkel1980 Daan van Berkel. I should thank you for your blog (post). I really enjoy it. Just like your tweet stream.
  • mathonthemind Anthony Purcell. A great blog about word problems. http://www.blog.republicofmath.com/?p=4716 @republicofmath#edchat#math
  • wilderlab jim wilder. Excellent- like what Boaler calls mathland “@republicofmath: Contrived versus genuine #mathematical problems wp.me/p1mk0j-1e4#mathchat