Linda Miklosko-Davis

Linda Miklosko-Davis, BA UCSC, is editor and information specialist for the Republic of Mathematicsâ„¢.

Linda has extensive experience in technical writing, editing, and website design.

For six years she was a research publications editor at Washington State University and was the Wood Materials and Engineering Laboratory’s website administrator and bio-composites symposium coordinator.

Linda has also worked in public television and in a much earlier life was an RPG computer programmer, the language that generated all those numbers on mountains of green bar printouts spewing from mammoth IBM printers.

She began the new year by waving “Goodbye” to what she calls “the insolence of the Ivy League” where she worked for another six years while stewarding her son Aaron through school at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  Now that he has been successfully launched, Linda is busy building a new life for herself and being her own boss.

Linda’s passions are her family and friends, editing and knitting, and now her many new projects. In fall she will return to the Professional Writing Program at UMass to complete her last few courses for an MA in English.